Winning Streaks Run in the Walton Family

Steve Kerr showed his sense of humor remained intact after he wasn't the one named NBA Western Conference Coach of the Month.

"I thought for sure I was going to get it since I get all the wins," Kerr joked Tuesday by phone.

Luke Walton, who is officially 0-0 as Warriors interim coach, won the award after leading Golden State to a 20-0 record. Kerr said he didn't expect the team to be undefeated at this point, but that he knew Walton was capable in the role despite a lack of head coaching experience.

"I think he had the right temperament," Kerr said. "He's very similar to me.

"He's really made for it. Nothing rattles him."

Said Walton: "It's nice to be playing so well and winning games, knowing that he doesn't have to stress any extra on the team and can focus on getting healthy."

Earlier Tuesday, the NBA announced that it would not change its rule that credits Kerr, who is on an extended of leave of absence after two offseason back operations, with the team's 19 victories along with future wins and losses.

In a statement, the league said: "The head coach of record is credited with team wins and losses. Steve Kerr remains the head coach of record for the Golden State Warriors and is credited with those results. Additionally, any team head coach, interim head coach or acting head coach is eligible to be recognized with league coaching awards. Therefore, Warriors interim head coach Luke Walton is eligible for NBA Coach of the Month."

After winning the award, Walton credited the Warriors' talented players just as Kerr did.

"Either that, or I'm a really good coach to have zero wins and win Coach of the Month," Walton joked.

Luke is the son of former Boston Celtic Bill Walton, whose UCLA teams held a then-record winning streak of 88 games, including consecutive 30–0 seasons.

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