Boston's Bench 1988: Minniefield, Lohaus, and Acres

K.C. Jones has instituted a new substitution policy of late, featuring Dirk Minniefield, Brad Lohaus and Mark Acres. Perhaps they'll be the answer to Boston's lingering bench problems, perhaps not. But at least he is addressing the problem in a logical manner.

The truth is that over the past two years, no team has been forced to operate the way Boston has. The difference between Boston and its opponents in bench use, and bench production, is startling. Of course, having five All-Star-level players changes your outlook. Nevertheless, it's a difficult road to travel when so much of the burden is placed upon five pairs of shoulders, rather than seven or eight.

The lone Boston 20-point bench game was submitted by Kevin McHale in his first game back. The other three 15-point bench games are as follows: Brad Lohaus, 15 vs. Exit 16W, Dec. 2; Jerry Sichting, 17 vs. the Lakers, Dec. 11; Mark Acres, 19 vs. Philadelphia, Dec. 20.

The low opposition bench minutes logged in a single game is 47 by the Nets on Jan. 16. The Celtics have had nine games under that total. The opposition low bench point total is 15 by Sacramento on Dec. 27. The Celtics have been under that total on 15 occasions.

Those are the facts. K.C. realized he had to try something, and all you can do is wish him luck.

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