Scal or Baby: Who Gets the Spot Start for KG this Year?

Glen Davis took KG’s place on the first team once he left. The second team of Rasheed Wallace, Eddie House, Marquis Daniels, Glen Davis and Brian Scalabrine, gave the first unit all they could handle, it was reported in a few places. Shelden Williams replaced Davis in the second unit on Davis’ promotion to the first unit.


This is indeed interesting. But one thing we've learned about Doc over the last two years is that he likes to keep his rotation in tact when injuries occur. In the past, this has meant Doc going outside of the rotation to find a replacement for an injured starter. At least this has been true during the regular season. Brian Scalabrine spot-starting for KG when the latter was on the shelf is probably the best example.

So I'm gonna say despite the above welcome tidbit of information, Doc will use Vanilla Thunder to replace KG, when and if necessary.

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