KG a Mix between Shawn Kemp and Moses Malone


June 26, 1995

Kevin Garnett's Rookie Season

The praise for a 19-year-old basketball player fresh out of high school is starting to border on evangelism. Kevin Garnett, who made Sports Illustrated's cover this week, is described this way by New Jersey Nets assistant coach Jerry Eaves: "This kid shoots it, passes it, and handles it better than Shawn Kemp does right now. He's Shawn Kemp with court skills and Moses Malone with explosiveness."

There is no question that in the weeks leading up to the draft, Garnett has emerged as the most intriguing name of all. He could be revolutionary: a 6-11 player whose best position will be small forward, not because he is that soft but because he is that athletic.

How many times does a team get a chance to pick a future No. 1 guy with the fifth pick? It's obvious that the league already has fixed the lottery to ensure that the Wolves' lotto ball will never come up No. 1.

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