Reggie Lewis Drug Probe (part 3)

June 26, 1999

 An obvious verdict: Lewis used drugs;

   When we thought it was all over, Donna Harris-Lewis said she had proven that her husband, Reggie, did not do drugs.

Pardon me.

Three people, none of whom knew each other, all testified under oath in either pre-trial depositions or in court that they were present and "doing" drugs with Reggie Lewis.

One, Wayne Brown, a classmate of Lewis's at Northeastern, said he not only did cocaine with Reggie, but also provided it to him. Harris-Lewis later labeled Brown a loser.

Wayne Lebeaux, who worked for the Celtics when Lewis was on the team, said in his deposition that he did marijuana with Lewis and two women.

Businessman Ronald J. Marks said he witnessed Lewis sniffing a "shiny white powdered substance" in a public restroom at a Saugus pizza parlor. Lewis was a Celtic at the time.

Losers? I don't think so. I give them all the credit in the world for standing up under the toughest of circumstances, with absolutely nothing to gain, to tell the truth.

Who in their right mind would be willing to testify to being involved with drugs?

"In general, most business professionals or athletes who may have been caught up in the cocaine vogue of the '80s and early '90s have that behind them today. They've moved on to have families and potentially rewarding careers. They are reluctant to admit today to any unlawful activities in their past."

That statement comes from Bob Long, former Mass. state police detective and president of LCF Associates of Braintree, the investigative firm working with attorney William Dailey on the Lewis litigation. "It is very difficult to get people to come forward in any type of drug investigation," said Long, who declined any further comment because this Lewis farce may have another day in court.

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