The Reggie Lewis Drug Probe (part 2)

March 22, 1995

Now let's fast-forward to the present. Here come the lies all over again. People step up and say they were present when Reggie Lewis did cocaine and the chorus comes back that they are lying. Reggie never did drugs, his family and friends say. A Northeastern official says Reggie tested positive for cocaine while he was in school. Former athletic director Irwin Cohen takes the fall and is suspended. The NU team doctor says he can't recall Reggie testing positive. The coach at the time, Karl Fogel, seems to remember that Reggie might have tested positive but he isn't sure. Lies and more lies.

Are we to believe that Cohen, who has been nothing but a solid guy in this community his whole life, suddenly makes up a story that gets him suspended? What is he, some kind of nut?

Derrick Lewis, Reggie's friend and teammate, goes on the record saying he did drugs with Reggie. Reggie's family and former NU teammates lash out at Derrick Lewis. Upset about how he will be perceived in the community, Derrick Lewis last night told the Globe he'd rather "be a liar than what I am now." Everyone is now lying for Reggie and trying to cover up.

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