America wants the C's


America wants the C's

The Celtics like the fact they're now in demand by national television. ABC announced it was moving the Jan. 27 game at Orlando and the Feb. 10 game against San Antonio to the 1 p.m. national window. In addition, ESPN is jumping on the C's Feb. 22 game at Phoenix.

``It's fun whenever you get a chance to be nationally televised,'' said Pierce. ``For those who don't have the NBA (cable package), they can check out the Celtics now.

``But this is all because we're doing good. That's the way it's always been. You have to be good. With the way we've been, I'm used to them taking games away - not adding them. I think we were supposed to be on one game last year, and they took that thing away so fast.'' For coach Doc Rivers, this will be the first time he's participated in an ABC game since he was the color commentator for Game 5 of the 2004 NBA Finals between Detroit and the Lakers.

``I guess it's good for the organization, and it is a sign you're doing well as a team,'' Rivers said. ``But beyond that I really don't care.''

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