C's Undefeated wearing Road Alternate Jerseys


C's Undefeated wearing Road Alternate Jerseys

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. - The Celtics are well aware that clothes don't make the team. But they weren't taking any chances when they took the floor against the Nets last night.

With their 86-77 win at the Izod Center, the Celtics have yet to lose in their alternate green-and-black uniforms this year, so expect equipment man John Connor to have them waiting for the team in Washington tonight.

The club has lost twice in the traditional road uniforms and once each in the throwback greens and regular home whites.

Asked before the game if he was superstitious about the uniforms, Paul Pierce said, ``Sometimes I am. I ain't going to lie to you. I was a little skeptical when we wore the throwback ones against the Lakers (in Los Angeles). We'd lost the last time we wore them (at home against Detroit), but then we beat the Lakers, so I guess that made them OK again.''

As for the alternate threads, the captain said, ``We need to wear them permanently. Those are nice on the road, the black and green ones. I just know they look nice.''

As one who's into the history of the game, Pierce also appreciates the regular uniforms - the same ones Bill Russell wore when he finished up in 1969.

``I like those, too,'' he said. ``We've got the classic uniforms. The Celtics jerseys always sell good because they're classic.''

By league rule, the Celts are required to wear their alternate jerseys for a minimum of six games. The maximum they can use them is 18 times.

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