KG and the Four Guns

I don't know if Kendrick Perkins will be able to go on Sunday. Nor do I know if Brian Scalabrine will be activated and get a surprise start (it wouldn't surprise me, by the way, if he did, just so Doc could keep his so-called rotation in tact). Last but not least, I have no clue whether Rajon Rondo will play much. But, again, he'll probably at least start the game and play nominal minutes.

However, I do expect to see a lot of what I once called "KG and the Four Guns," a line-up consisting of the above five players.

The Lakers have no post presence to worry about. Posey has effectively guarded Dirk, so I don't see Radmanovich or Odom giving him tons of trouble. The Lakers attempt to double off our point guard will come to an end, and the C's offensive trouble should also cease to be a concern, unless, of course, House or Pierce have a problem getting the ball over half court or getting Team Green into it's offense.

If that is your concern, my riposte is two-fold:

First, keep in mind we're playing the Los Angeles Lakers, my friends, not Detroit or Cleveland. I mean, how much pressure can they really apply?

Second, Doc already went with this line-up during the third and fourth quarters of game 4, and we all know how that turned out.


FLCeltsFan said...

I love this lineup. The Lakers don't have a clue how to guard them. It works because KG, Pierce, Posey and Ray are all very good rebounders. I can see Doc going to it again, even though Phil will have time to plan for it this time.

Lex said...

Ray has been Baby Moses on the boards this whole series!

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