The Ray Allen Eye Injury: Very Curious

Let's see here.

Celtics blowing out Lakers at Staples on 12/30/07, Ray Ray continuing to play hard in administering a beat-down on the purple over the game's final 7 minutes.

Laker response?

Lamar Odom runs down Jesus and tackles him.

Flagrant foul.

Now let's turn our attention to game 6 of the NBA Finals.

Jesus has chewed up the Lakers defense in the first five games. In game six he nails a three to get the C's going, and then takes it to the rack, further exploiting the soft underbelly of the Laker bigs.


Lamar Odom steps in front of Ray, sticks his hand up, and appears to jump straight for his eye.


Ray Allen didn't think so.

Shuttlesworth said in the NBA Finals a desperate opponent (Lamar Odom) will do anything (play dirty) to try and get an advantage (to overcome their lack of heart).

Parenthetical editorials supplied by Lex.


FLCeltsFan said...

It does seem rather odd that Odom keeps going for Ray. I don't doubt it was on purpose. The sad part is that he got away with it and didn't even get called for a foul.

Lex said...

Odom won't be a laker come november.

Lex said...

Odom can't play physical within the rules, and it frustrates him. So he takes it out via below the board maneuvers...

andres said...

twice makes it too much of a coincidence that body slam was one of the most unprofessional moves i've seen in sports with this eye poke odom didn't even jump up to try and block it looked like he was just trying to give allen a palm slammed into his face

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