Theme for Game 2: Remember 1985

Pat Riley was right. The key to the NBA Finals is winning game two. If the home team loses, they've not only lost home court, but they've given the road team momentum heading into three games on their own home court.

Riley spoke these words in 1985, after the Memorial Day Massacre in game 1 and before Kareem's performance for the ages in game 2. The Lakers won game 2, and went on to win the series in 6.

If the Cs can somehow, some way find a way to win game 2, it says here that they'll return home up 3-2...or better.

Game 2 needs to be played like game 7.


FLCeltsFan said...

I agree Lex. Game 2 is a must win. I hate the 2-3-2 format for the finals. It puts the team with the home court at a disadvantage. Hopefully the Celtics can get game 2 and take control of the series. Pierce's knee and Perk's ankle worry me though.

Lex said...


Well, there's less than two weeks of the season to go.

Hopefully everyone can play and play well.

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