Another Rim Job

The Lakers victory on 12/25 put a damper on the NBA season for me. But I would be remiss if I didn't point out that Kobe Bryant had a chance to tie Friday night's game and send it into overtime. He had a wide open look from range and missed. More specifically, the ball went in the cylinder, rattled back-and-forth off the rim and then bounced out.

Game over.

It seems like just yesterday that the Zen Mistress and his players were blaming unfriendly rims at the Gahden for their defeat in game 1 of the NBA Finals. I didn't catch the postgame press conference and interviews at Staples last night, but I'd bet dollars to donuts that there was plenty of talk about an unlucky bounce.

On Monday, MLK Day, we'll find out how well the purple match up against the Cavs. My guess? No better than they do against the Magic, and probably worse. We'll also get to see the purple-green rematch in early February.

God, please don't make me endure a regular season sweep against these clowns.


The Kid said...

Unlike the Yankees vs Red Sox or the Celtics vs Sixers rivalries, getting swept vs L.A. means virtually nothing really. To play L.A. in games that really count in the Finals, both teams must win their conferences first. I'm more concerned about winning conference matchups right now against Eastern teams than about anything the Lakers are doing.

The Kid said...

I also meant to say in Yankees vs. Sox both of those teams play in the same division and many times stand in the way of the other even reaching the postseason.

Lex said...

Bragging rights


Winning for winning's sake.

Beating the Lakers.

This is why it matters.

FLCeltsFan said...

Any time the Lakers win, an angel loses its wings or something like that. Well, maybe not, but I am sure something horrible happens. Any time the Cavs loose it is better for the Celtics but I just can't bring myself to want the Lakers to win.

It is always bad to lose to the Lakers just because.

Lex said...


just because

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