Flip The Switch

When they lose a couple games on the road I compare them to that one team that broke my heart (1987). So it's only fair, when the green toys with their pray for a quarter or so until the jugular is fully exposed and they pounce, that I compare them to any of the teams from 1980 to 1986.

Tonight would be a good example of the latter. The Celtics were down 30-28 after one quarter, a chapter straight out the 1985-86 season. If you own the 1986 Finals DVDs, throw one in and fast forward to the end of the first quarter. The Celtics routinely gave up almost exactly 30 points.

Then they got down to business.

Kind of like tonight, when they outscored the Queens 40-19 in the second quarter.

Now let's see if they go for the TKO in the third, enabling the starters to snort and laugh their way through the fourth as they look on from the bench.


I'm glad they won, thereby staving off comparisons to the 1988-1991 Era, when the green would build big leads, only to lose them, and then have to fight tooth and nail to claw out a victory in the last two minutes.

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