Replacing Scalabrine

Once upon a time I might have hoped to see Patrick O'Bryant get some meaningful minutes off the bench. I've long since disabused myself of that notion.

Once upon a time I might have secretly wished to see JR Giddens take the floor.

No more.

But come on.

Brian Scalabrine is out for a week and Doc's response is to simply insert Tony Allen back into the rotation?

People, this is the Sacramento Kings. They stink. It's a home game. Bill Walker deserves some PT. Move him up. Try him as a rotational guy. What's the worst thing that can happen?

Screw Tony Allen and the ankle he rode in on. I'm sick of waiting around for this guy to get healthy, and I'm even more tired of waiting for him to produce on a consistent basis.

Doc needs to learn to live a little, do something wacky once in a while. I've got a suggestion. How about we play the promising rooking over the endlessly disappointing veteran?

Just for one game, unless Walker does well. Then for two games. And so on.


1111 said...

two facts:

1. today the bench play really well, as they are doing lately.
2. Doc prefer Scal and TA over POB and Walker.

these lead me to 2 considerations:

1. Danny is using trade/free agents also as a wake up call for the bench: if you dont produce enough i'l bring the next PJ and u'll still win a ring, but with diminished role...
2. is impossible to make 15 player happy with playing time. Doc have a vet team, so rockies should wait: this's not a farm nor a team looking to develop future talents. Win now, lets Danny (and lots of fans...) worry about future.
To me is ok, i'm an "eggs today" fan, even more now that the eggs are a real possibility.

Honestly I guess most of NBA fans would be happy if their team win 1 title then screws for 10 years... then after enjoy it they'll blame the GM for the poor results, but that's another story ;)

Lex said...

TA had a big game.

Hopefully he can keep it up.

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