Is Shelden Williams Really the New Leon Powe?

A lot has been written on this subject over the last two days. One piece was simply entitled: “Meet the New Leon Powe.” I’m not so sure about that. Last year we had four bigs coming off our bench to start the season: Brian Scalabrine, Glen Davis, Leon Powe, and Patrick O’Bryant. Well, we still have Brian Scalabrine. We mostly likely will still have Glen Davis as well, and we just added Shelden Williams. Am I missing anyone? Oh yeah. Sheed.

Rasheed Wallace will be the first big off the bench. Glen Davis will be reserve big #2. So depending on whom you thought was the first big off the bench last year—Leon Powe or Glen Davis—Powe is being replaced by either Davis or Sheed. This makes Shelden Williams the new Patrick O’Bryant. So all of the time spent over the past couple of days bemoaning the fact that Leon Powe and Glen Davis are better than Shelden Williams seems like time misspent to me. Now if you want to compare Give it to me, Big Shelden to POB, have at it. POB’s main problem was his ticker. From what I’ve read, Shelden won’t have that problem.

And since Mikki Moore couldn't grab a rebound if Mark Blount's life depended on it . . .

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FLCeltsFan said...

After watching that clip with the Bill Walker interview, in my mind, Bill Walker is the new Leon Powe. No one can really replace Leon, but as far as I can see, Walker is replacing Leon as the Celtic with the biggest heart. He has been doing a lot of community work in this off season.

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