Hey KG, How's Your Knee?

Kevin Garnett apparently has taken a disliking to folks in the New England area asking about the health of his knee. I've got a four-word response: Get used to it. The media coverage this summer vacillated between non-existent and pathetic.

On the one hand, we had the Celtics' organization either deceiving us (though they called it being "Belichickian") or blowing sunshine up our backsides. On the other hand, we had a certain widely-read columnist conjecturing about KG's knee based on a tweet he read from someone supposedly with an inside source. This led many of us to go Grassy-Knoll on the Celtics (trust me, I wasn't the only one). Marc Spears attempted to keep us updated, but really all he did was tell us that KG had resumed practicing.

So the mere fact that media types in the Boston area are now asking KG questions about his knee is an improvement. Celtics' fans invest millions of dollars in this team each year, and basically pay for the player's salaries by attending games and purchasing merchandise. We're entitled to information about the health status of key players on the team.

At the same time, there is something to be said for letting a player's on-court performance speak for itself, at least until his on-court performance starts to disappoint on a regular basis. On that note, rather than specifically ask him about his knee, perhaps the media could ask him about his ability to move laterally, his ability to react to shot attempts as quickly as he'd like, and then block or alter those shots. What about his ability to guard quicker, smaller 3s--are those days over?

There are other ways to ask about the health of knee without asking about the health of his knee. I don't need to tell the journalists this. They are professionals, right?


Anonymous said...

If he is going to give the same answer everytime he is asked, which is likely most of the time I say why ask him everyday.

Lex said...

every day. Yes. Never again if he looks 100%? Fine. But if he starts to disappoint on a regular basis, then, yes, inquire.

Lex said...

yes as in, you are right, why ask him.

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