Doc to Start Jared Sullinger over Brandon Bass?

This post might have been subtitled "golfin' with Greg Anthony," as apparently Doc River was doing yesterday afternoon before the Celtics' summer league tilt against the Bucks. In addition to offering up the standard cliche about the Celtics having the "steal of the draft" in grabbing #7 from Ohio State, Doc told Anthony that Sullinger may start. No, not sometime. Not in three years. This fall. Right off the bat.

My first question was does Brandon Bass know this?

Doc apparently denied this was just "golf talk."

I'm not buying.

Yesterday we had talk of Jeff Green starting over Brandon Bass.

Today's it is Jared Sullinger.

I fully expect to see double-B standing next to #5 when the ball gets thrown high at center court next fall for the opening tip at the season opener. It's a line-up that worked so well we came within one game of going to the NBA Finals instead of the World Champion Heat, despite be short-handed and injured throughout the series.

What say you?


FLCeltsFan said...

It's taken catastrophic injuries in the past for Doc to even play rookies let alone start them. This all may be leaking to light a fire under Bass in the offseason to work and come into camp in great shape to earn that spot. I think it's just team politics to get them to compete and earn the spot.

Lex said...


no resting on your laurels now that you have a fat contract, BB

dyu said...

I could see Sully starting over Bass, his style of play fits well with KG, Bass is more face-up and jumpshooting, Sully provides a tougher presence on the post and the boards.
While Bass would be great playing with the reserves, give them more scoring punch and more opportunities for him to score

FLCeltsFan said...

If Sully does start, he's going to have to earn it. He needs to seriously work on his conditioning and body before camp. But, I think he's motivated and Doc's comments should motivate him even more. With the Celtics training staff at his disposal, there's no reason for him not to come into came in top condition.

Lex said...

dyu, i'll be interested to see how it plays out. I like sully for his rebounding prowess

FLCeltsFan said...

Yeah, Sully has a nose for the ball. Not to compare him to Bird, but it kind of does remind me of the way Bird played below the rim but yet used to always be in the right spot to get a rebound.

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