Darko, Darko, Darko

 WALTHAM, Mass. – Darko Milicic didn’t sign with the Boston Celtics until Sept. 28, the day the 2012-13 season officially began. At the time, his signing wasn’t a news item. It was deemed an irrelevant move by most NBA analysts. Thirteen days later, chatter about his potential impact on the Celtics has replaced all of the jokes about irrelevance. He’s now being viewed as a valuable piece of Boston’s championship puzzle. That’s quite a change in less than two weeks, but the change is well deserved. Milicic has seemingly secured the role of backup center behind Kevin Garnett.


Yes, Darko, you caught us by surprise.

We knew the name, we knew the legend, we knew you'd been released . . . again . . . by yet another team.

But we didn't know the man or the player.

The videos started to give us an idea about the player (quite talented), and for you to continue to bounce back and move forward on your NBA journey tells us something about the man.

If you can stay healthy, play your assigned role, and give us even a modicum of offense now and again, you will not only be a valuable piece to the championship puzzle, you may become an indispensable piece, too.


Lex said...

"When Darko's on the floor with Kevin, that makes us a pretty good passing team."

--Doc Rivers

OK, gang, I said it once before, and I'll say it again. At least in the first two games, the Celtics are more fun to watch with Darko on the floor.

I agree with Doc.

You put those to Big Guys out there together, and that will be a hell of a unit.

dyu said...

From watching those clips of Darko, you could almost feel this guy deserved to be a lottery pick, not necessarily a #2 pick
Darko just possesses all the tools you want from a big man with additional passing skills, I would even dare go further and say he's a more complete player than DH or Bynum...I'm left scratching my head, what's keeping all this talent from coming out consistently and not just in spurts.
You were right in naming him an indispensable piece of the puzzle, if he ever taps into that talent and just play the game.

Lex said...

I think you hit on the big question


I will be very curious to see how he does from jan forward

Maybe we won't notice a dropoff with his more limited role

But i'll still be curious

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