Who is that #99 Guy in Green?

While I won't get to see the game until tonight or tomorrow morning, I think our boy Darko is warming up to this Celtic thing. First he hits Jeff Green for an open three, as if he's been playing high post since Bill Laimbeer was getting punched out by the Chief. Next thing you know, "I am Celtic" is taking a couple dribbles, flipping a pass to JET, setting a pick, and then finding the time to turnaround just in time for the shooter's ball to swish through the net.

I don't want to get carried away.

But does anyone else even know Darko's a Celtic? I'm not talking about opposing teams, players, and coaches. I'm talking fans. You know, I had no clue Darko was lighting it up in Minnesota a couple years ago, and only the vaguest of notions that he even played for Minnesota.

Damn this will be great if Darko keeps progressing!

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