Dave and Sheed

Wallace gave longtime Celtic fans a Dave Cowens flashback early in the second quarter. Sheed didn’t agree with replacement referee Tim Greene when he called him for traveling. At the other end of the floor, Greene was there with the whistle again when Wallace clocked Andrea Bargnani.

“Now that’s a foul,” Wallace said.

It was reminiscent of the Celts’ Feb. 25, 1976, game against the Rockets when Cowens got upset because he believed Houston’s Mike Newlin had flopped to extract a charging call.

Cowens then ran up the court and flattened Newlin, turning and uttering the exact same words Wallace did yesterday. Wallace had never heard the story, but when it was related to him, he said, “DC’s my man.”

Cowens was a Pistons assistant when Wallace was there, and when it was suggested Cowens is a bit out there, Sheed smiled and said, “We’re birds of a feather.”


Birds of a feather? Hmmm. Let's see.

I'll give #18 the edge on intensity today and tomorrow, except that he might burn out the day after that.

I'll give #18 the edge on being a bigger flake, not to mention being a bigger free spirit.

I'll give #18 the edge on diversity of employment experience, not just once, but twice.

I'll give #18 the edge on being a better swimmer.

I'll give #18 the edge on having the better single season in the NBA.

But, yes, it is true. Neither of Rasheed Wallace nor Dave Cowens likes fake fouls or floppers.

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